Bulletproof three part special comes to Sky One in January

By Matt Lovett | 20 Dec 2020 at 2:02pm

Did you love the first two series of Bulletproof? Great – because Bishop and Pike are back for a three-part special to reprise their role as cop besties. The turbulence of the first two seasons is due for a little break as the boys head away to South Africa, but a break? Nope! There’s never peace for long when Bishop and Pike are involved. Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters have been filming Bulletproof: South Africa abroad for a new special to come to life, and this is set to air in January 2021. You’ll be able to catch the special on Sky One and NOW TV, and you’ll be able to kick back and watch Pike and Bishop take a vacation in Cape Town – or so they think!


Bulletproof South Africa Trailer

[youtube https://youtu.be/3iQjjfWbux8]


What to expect in the special

As always, things won’t go to plan for the boys as they step away from their difficult London day job as NCA agents. They try to relax – it’s been a tough year! – and Bishop, Pike and his family are faced with the terrifying kidnap of a young girl while they are away. Being Bishop and Pike, they feel the need to help after befriending the parents of the young girl earlier that same day. They have the expertise, they have the loyalty and now all they need is to get stuck in and help to bring the girl back to her parents safely. The kidnappers, however, aren’t willing to give up easily. They demand a huge and unreasonable award for the return of the young girl – big mistake, given who they are dealing with this time around!

The kidnappers have no idea who they are facing when they face Bishop and Pike and there’s an adrenaline-filled race against time to get the young girl back without any further danger than there needs to be. The popularity of the first two series makes sense when you consider that these two springing back into action is going to transport us from the London skylines to one of the most beautiful coastlines the planet has to offer. Die-hard fans of the show will love the change in scenery but don’t worry – there’s no change in excitement! This three-part special has a lot to offer the viewer and you won’t be disappointed by the fast pace of this mini-series.

Paul Gilbert is the Executive Producer for Sky and is very excited to bring to life another installment in the grittiest of adventures of Bishop and Pike. With unfamiliar scenery that changes the way the user views the duo, a three-part South African special is all we need to get the New Year going with a bang. You’ve got the mayhem, you’ve got the carnage and you’ve got that famous camaraderie we’re all used to watching on our small screens – and you’ve got it all in South Africa! Booking it on your calendar is just the smart decision to end a tough year.


Bulletproof South Africa Air Date

Catch the new special airing Wednesday 20 January 2021 – don’t miss out!


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