You can now watch Conan in the UK on Netflix


By Mason Mallett | 22 Jan 2019 at 3:22pm

We can finally watch our favourite American host here in the UK! Conan O’brien has built up a huge following here in the UK (mostly due to YouTube). We struggle to watch him as his most popular shows are for US viewers only, however the game has now changed and we FINALLY get to watch one of his shows from our own sofas!


Who is Conan?

Conan is an American late-night talk show host, most well known for his talk show ‘Conan’ – and his hair. He is a very pale, ginger man, who has a great sense of humour and a quirky personality. He has done a huge list of interviews and sketches with some of the biggest celebrities on the planet.

You can watch clips and some of the best bits of his shows on the official Conan YouTube channel.


How to Watch Conan in the UK?

You can now watch Conan in the UK on Netflix with his documentary series “Conan without borders“. The only way to watch this in the UK until being released on Netflix was by watching short clips on the Conan YouTube channel.

In the series Conan will be visiting different countries all over the world, exploring their cultures and joining in with their traditions and activities in true Conan-style.


The series was added to Netflix 31st December, so you probably missed it being New Years eve.

Conan Without Borders Episode Guide

conan on Netflix

There are eight episodes in the series with each episode having Conan exploring a different country.

Episode 1 – Cuba
The first talk show host to visit Cuba in 50 years, Conan learns to play salsa, dance the rumba, and drink rum — in the distillery and on the street.

Episode 2 – Korea
Conan travels to South Korea, where he meets fans, adopts an octopus, becomes a K-pop star and tours a Buddhist monastery and the DMZ with Steven Yeun.

Episode 3 – Mexico
In Mexico City, Conan stars in a telenovela, learns lucha libre, plays soccer with Giovani dos Santos and interviews Diego Luna and Vicente Fox.

Episode 4 – Israel
Conan makes friends in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the West Bank, stars on “Fauda,” floats in the Dead Sea, gets bar mitzvahed and tracks down Gal Gadot.

Episode 5 – Haiti
After Trump insults Haiti, Conan visits the island to allow Haitians to return the favor, and later meets students, entrepreneurs, and aspiring chefs.

Episode 6 – Italy
Conan tours Italy with producer Jordan Schlansky, where they stroll Florence, taste wine in Chianti, guzzle espresso in Naples and film a movie in Rome.

Can we expect more of Conan in the UK?

Honestly we really don’t know right now. We have contacted Netflix for comment on this, to see if there are any plans to bring his shows (please, please Netflix add the Conan talk show!) to UK screens. Netflix tend to remain pretty tight-lipped on things like this though up until just before release.

With one of his shows appearing on Netflix though, could this be the start of Conan starting to make it big in the UK? Only time will tell.

UPDATE: Netflix’s PR team got back to us and stated “Unfortunately we don’t have any info on whether further Conan TV shows will be added to the service in the future.” So it doesn’t look like anything is confirmed just yet. 🙁


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