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By Mason Mallett | 9 Aug 2019 at 9:04pm

Everyone loves to binge watch a bit of Friends. It’s one of the many shows you can watch over and over again and you still end up crying with laughter at the silly little gags the gang creates. Soon it will be 25th anniversary of Friends (yes, it has really been that long!) and to celebrate, LEGO is releasing an official Friends Central Perk LEGO set! (Our inner child just screamed out with joy – we know yours did too!).

If you are a huge fan of Friends, or you know someone that’s completely obsessed with the series then you’ve got to see this or show your friend. What better would make a better present than this for the Friends lover in your life, it’s going straight on our wishlist!


What is the Friends LEGO set?

Friends central perk lego set

Just look at that! It almost looks like the real thing. The gang have their sofa, Phoebe has her performance area and it all has that iconic central perk shaped building. If it’s one thing LEGO is good at, its replicating things simplistically in the typical LEGO style, yet having so much character it’s instantly recognizable.

This would make a great ornament, or birthday present for that Friends lover you know (everybody knows one). If you’re interested in getting your hands on one, you won’t have to wait for long, check out the release details and price tag below.


The Friends Central Perk LEGO set is packed full of authentic detail, with the seating, tables, and props that are all removable and easy to play or to recreate one of those hilarious and iconic scenes.

The set comes with seven characters – Ross Geller, Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Chandler Bing, Joey Tribbiani, Pheobe Buffay and… Central Perks top barista, Gunther! Let’s have a look at each individual LEGO version of the famous Friends characters and the props each of them comes with.

Ross Geller LEGO figure

ross lego figure

Like we said before, LEGO knows how to capture the sheer essence of something and put it into figurines. Ross Geller looks brilliant in the LEGO set, with that combined look of worry and confusion. They have also managed to capture the exact way Ross’ hair falls. The figure is styled with Ross’ generic work outfit, the beige blazer, and blue shirt combo and finished with brown trousers. The figure also comes with a newspaper!

This is our favourite figure out of the whole set! Who is your favourite?

Rachel Green LEGO Figure

rachel lego figure

Being a Central Perk themed set, it only makes sense that the LEGO figurine of Rachel is in her work outfit. Again the hair and outfit are spot-on. The figure comes with an enormous plate holding a cup of Central Perks finest coffee (as long as Rachel didn’t make it).

Monica Geller LEGO Figure

Monica lego central perk

Now for Monica! The LEGO version of her takes us back to the first-ever Friends episode, where Monica is in a cream top and brown dungarees, she is also holding a cake/muffin. We feel like this could have been made a little better and have her in jeans and a red top, the retro and simple look she has later on in the series, but hey! The figure still looks cool.

Chandler Bing LEGO Figure

chandler bing lego figure

Possibly the most sarcastic character we have seen in any TV series, and boy, does the figure hold that sarcastic, smug look! The LEGO figurine of Chandler Bing replicates Chandler’s hair well (when it was a little longer) and sees him in his work outfit, although we STILL have no idea what his job is. Chandler’s LEGO featured item is a little briefcase, which he carries around with him a fair bit in the series.

Joey Tribbiani LEGO Figure

Joey friends lego figure

Joey Tribbiani is another character that has distinct facial expressions, and in the series is seen as a young sexy man, who’s a bit of a player with the ladies, this definitely shows with the LEGO figure. Looking at the face you can almost hear Joeys most famous line “Hey, how you doin'”. And of course, the Joey figurine comes holding a slice of classic New York pizza – because Joey isn’t Joey without pizza, right?

Pheobe Buffay LEGO Figure

It wouldn’t really be Central Perk if Pheobe isn’t in the corner, playing extremely awful, but catchy tunes on her guitar. The LEGO figurine of Pheobe comes dressed in her hippie styled clothes, and definitely one of the best props! We think the face could have been a little better on this one, but overall they nailed her look!

Gunther LEGO Figure

Gunther lego figure

You didn’t think they would leave out the main man behind Central Perk, did you? Gunther is a legendary character that this set would be incomplete without. The figure of Gunther comes in a bright green top and one of his crazy looking ties. Our only suggestion would be to have had a hairstyle, which shows more forehead, as he’s never had that much hair in the TV series.


When will the Central Perk LEGO set be released?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait too long. You will be able to purchase the Central Perk LEGO set on September 1st, just in time for Christmas! You can already check it out on the LEGO website and purchase it from there once available (See link below).

Central Perk LEGO Set price

You can buy the Friends Central Perk LEGO set for just £64.99. Considering how collectible Friends memorabilia is, and also how expensive LEGO can be, this is a fair price tag for someone that really loves the TV series.

Buy the set

To buy this fantastic bit of memorabilia and to see full details and specifications, simply click here and a new tab will open, directing you to the official LEGO store.

Not looking to buy the LEGO set? Check out our article for eight other TV series like friends, or if you have already seen them all, why not check out what the cast of friends are up to nowadays!


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