How Many Times is Ma’am said in Bodyguard?

(C) World Productions - Photographer: Sophie Mutevelian

By Mason Mallett | 28 Sep 2018 at 9:41am

Bodyguard took the UK by storm, with its finale hitting 11 million viewers! We thought the series was brilliant, however among the twists and cliff hangers there is one BIG looming question on our minds – how many times does the word “ma’am” get said in bodyguard?!

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It’s a well-known fact that ma’am get’s mentioned far too many times to the point where you end up using it in normal conversation, but how many times does it actually get said? We’ve done the research and will break it down for you!

Julia Montague (KEELEY HAWES), David Budd (RICHARD MADDEN) – (C) World Productions – Photographer: Des Willie

In total there are a whopping 165 ma’ams throughout the series – That’s an average of  a ma’am every 2.21 minutes!

Breakdown of ma’ams per episode

Here is how many times ma’am was said per episode along with an average of how many times it’s said.

Episode 1 (59 mins)
In episode one ma’am is said 36 times.
Ma’am every 1.61 minutes.

Episode 2 (58 mins)
In episode two ma’am is said a whopping 54 times.
Ma’am every 1.07 minutes.

Episode 3 (57 mins)
In episode three ma’am is said 25 times.
Ma’am every 2.28 minutes.

Episode 4 (57 mins)
In episode four ma’am is only said 7 times.
Ma’am every 8.14 miuntes.

Episode 5 (60 mins)
In episode five ma’am is said 20 times.
Ma’am every 3.00 minutes.

Episode 6 (75 mins)
In episode six ma’am is said 23 times.
Ma’am every 3.26 minutes.

After reading this you are probably all ma’amed out, is ma’am even a real word any more? To give you one more fun fact, ma’am was said 23 times in this post!

If you still haven’t watched the Bodyguard, we would highly recommend you do. It’s definitely one of the top series this year! The series follows Sergeant David Budd, an ex-army soldier serving as a Principal Protection Officer (PPO) for the home secretary in the Royal and Specialist Protection Command of London’s Metropolitan Police. The series is gripping and will have your heart beating in suspense, check out the trailer below.


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