Series to Watch after Stranger Things Season 3

By Mason Mallett | 19 Jul 2019 at 7:32pm

So, you have completely binge-watched the new season of Stranger Things in a matter of days, because why wouldn’t you? You are now wondering what to do with all your spare time.

We have come up with a list of TV shows that will not disappoint you, that have similar aspects and themes to that of Stranger Things.

The OA

If you’re looking for something to watch after Stranger Things, you’ll definitely want something weird, supernatural and contains a lot of cliffhangers. The OA ticks all of these boxes.

Without giving too much away, the basis of the story follows Prairie Johnson. A woman who turns up out of the blue, after being missing for seven years, what’s even more unusual is that now she is no longer blind and refuses to tell anyone where she has been.

Although The OA has been out for a while, you may not have given it a shot yet, which you definitely should do!

The Society

The Society

Another TV series you will want to get stuck into is The Society. Now this series isn’t exactly like Stranger Things, but it does have supernatural aspects. The series sees a bunch of teens trying to find out what the hell is going on. Oh, and it also contains epic cliff hangers that will make you want to binge the series. Be prepared!

To give you a brief of the plot, The Society follows a big group of teenagers that mysteriously get transported into what seems like a copy of their town, only it’s just them. No parents, no phone signals, all alone. The group must try and find out where they are and what has happened, but with so many different personalities, things start to get way out of control.




If you’re looking for something “strange” and “mysterious” then Manifest should be next on your list of series to watch. The series was really popular in America and now, after a long wait Manifest will be available for UK viewers from 30th July.

Continuing the Stranger Things theme of a little bit spooky, great cliff hangers and parts that make you think WTF, Manifest should be right up your street.

The series follows passengers and crew members aboard a seemingly normal flight, that is until they land and realize that they have actually been missing and assumed dead for five years.


Dark TV show image

As the name probably suggests, this series is going to be creepy and have very similar vibes to Stranger Things. Dark is a German series that follows four families on the hunt for two missing children, which in turn, unearths a dark history of the town.

This series definitely tickles the brain, as there is so much mystery and key links surrounding the characters. The series even got compared to Stranger Things by critics, so you know this one will tick all your binge-watch boxes.

The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy TV Show Image

Here’s another quality series that contains supernatural powers and mystery, all while including comical moments and jokes.

The Umbrella Academy was pretty popular upon its release on Netflix, as it had a great cast, with renowned names. If you are one of the people who like Stranger Things and haven’t watched The Umbrella Academy, then you’re missing out!

The series is based upon the comic written by My Chemical Romances lead singer Gerard Way and follows the story of seven children all born at the same time around the world without any given notice. A very wealthy man adopts them all and starts training them to use their supernatural powers.

Although this sounds like just another superhero series, it’s definitely not! The Umbrella Academy is very unique and tugs on every emotion that the body has.


Rick & Morty

Rick And Morty TV show image

Although the majority of you have already seen Rick & Morty, we thought we would stick it in the list as the new season has FINALLY been announced, so you might just want to re-watch it all over again.

If you haven’t seen Rick & Morty, you’ll need to watch it as it’s probably the funniest Sci-Fi animated series about. This choice is a bit of an oddball, as Rick and Morty is a comedy, but it is a Sci-Fi series that features aliens, creatures and other crazy things, that are, to say the least… strange.

Project Blue Book

Project Blue Book TV Show Image

Speaking of Aliens, Project Blue Book is a recent new series all about them! The series is based on the real-life Project Blue Book, which was a series of studies on UFOs. The story follows Dr. J. Allen Hynek, a college professor who is recruited by the US air force to work with Captain Michael Quinn, to investigate UFO sightings in the US and figure out what is going on.

However, the pair quickly discover that not everything can be explained by science… spooky right? Project Blue Book also stars our beloved Aiden Gillen (who plays Little Finger in Game of Thrones), so that’s a bonus and another reason to give this series a go!


Channel 4

Now, this is a throwback and a half! Misfits aired in 2009 and ended in 2013, but it is a cracking series. The concept and stories still stay unique to this day.

The story follows a group of mischevious and rowdy teens, who are all doing community service for being young offenders when an electrical storm hits the city. Once the storm has passed the group slowly start to discover they have supernatural powers, which sends them on a dangerous journey.

Misfits, although fairly old has a great cast, who you will be familiar with, including Iwan Rheon known mostly as Ramsey Bolton in Game of Thrones, Robert Sheehan who played Klaus in The Umbrella Academy and Joe Gilgun, who stars in Preacher, but mostly known from This is England.


There you have it. We have given you plenty of Sci-Fi series, which include cliff hangers, aliens and heart-pumping action all while having similarities to Stranger Things. Now all you need to do is watch them, try not to binge-watch them all at once though. Don’t forget there’s a whole world outside!


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