Project Blue Book

Project Blue Book explores the story of the real-life, U.S. Air Force-sponsored investigations into UFO-related phenomena from 1947-1970. The series stars Aidan Gillen (Game of Thrones).


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Next UK Air Date: TBA [Suggest?]
Last Season: 1

UK Channel: SyFy

Country of Origin:  No items found
Renewed: Yes

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4 thoughts on “Project Blue Book”

  1. It’s on syfy and universal at the same time now on virgin media TV. Why is this, I thought it was only supposed to be shown on syfy.

    • Hey Lee – that is strange! However, being as both the channels are owned by NBC Universal its not a total shock. Possibly the NBC Universal is doing it to capitalise on the show as much as possible.

  2. This was on last year ,it’s a repeat,,they should show all of the series ,and stop drip driping the truth , I will ask them to show up in the sky ,and prove to the world they have been here for centuries,,. I have saw ,talked and been in space through OBE,,,
    The government is,the Catholic church lies,,the French government ,the polish government, Holland’s government Tel the truth , they’ve shown their people’s the video footage of UFOs ,aliens,ect,
    Our government covers up the truth to keep us slaves ,

    • Hey Graham, I have checked and this isn’t the case. The series only started this year. In the US it started early Jan and in the UK it started on the 27th March. Hope this helps :). Possibly it was a different show you were thinking of? Would be interested to hear what it was if you know.

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