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By Matt Lovett | 25 Jun 2019 at 8:00pm

I don’t know what it is about watching a bunch of gorgeous 20-somethings galavanting around a Mallorcan villa in search of ‘love’, but let me tell you one thing: it’s certainly captivating. The boys look like professional bodybuilders and the girls swimsuit models. A place where the sun always shines and the drinks never run out. However, what should be utopian paradise in reality becomes a dystopian nightmare full of drama, fights and tears (all to the viewers’ delight).

We can certainly thank the Love Island producers for putting spanners in the works wherever possible. Just as things start to settle down, it immediately becomes time for couples to get eliminated and/or fresh victims to enter the group. Their maniacal and destructive influence is really what keeps us gripped, along with the fact that members must choose another person to couple up with.

A recoupling means big decisions have to be made. Doubts become worries and insecurities are thrown into the open. It’s up to each islander alone to choose who she or he will couple up with. But do they always make the right choice? We don’t think so. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our perfect couples; laying out why they would work and how they’d be better. Strap yourself in, it’s going to get bumpy.


Tommy & Lucie

Cast your eyes back to the first few days on the island. You may remember that Tommy was in a hotly contested love triangle with Lucie and Joe. Tommy went on to proclaim his hatred of shapes but we think he should have stuck with it.


Tommy and Lucie are clearly well suited to each other; spending a lot of time together in the villa (to Joe’s disgust). This close bond that the two share ticked off Joe to the point where he became overly protective. Since leaving the island however, Joe’s left a Tommy sized hole in Lucie’s heart to be filled. RIP Jucie.


Michael & Anna

What a lovely chap Michael is. This adorable Liverpudlian gets along with just about everybody. Unfortunately, the same does most certainly not apply to Amber. Amber usually makes her opinion well known, regardless of who she might offend.

Amber is a bit too brutal for Michael we think, slapping him down at every opportunity. He’s far more compatible with a girl like Anna – someone who knows what she wants but also has a sensitive side. Although Anna is already in a strong couple with Jordan, the real attraction lies with Michael!

Curtis & Anton

Who wouldn’t want to couple up to a man with a body like Anton’s? Well, apparently everybody. Despite his ridiculous rig, the poor Scottish lad’s efforts to crack on with the girls has not gone to plan. What does he need to do? Seek the advice of a professional… ballroom dancer of course.

Curtis’ slightly camp mannerisms in the villa have certainly left viewers asking a few questions. However, he seems to be properly loved up with flight attendant Amy. Or does he? It may be the fact that Curtis is actually playing a very convincing game and would be far better off with somebody else. Anton is ready and waiting to be loved.

Tom & Amy

Let’s be honest. Tom is a bit of a wet flannel. He’s clearly intimidated by Maura, as seen by the way he handled his chance to get in the hideaway with her. But this may well be a blessing in disguise. With Curtis off fulfilling his real desires with Anton, Amy is left without a man.

Time for Tom to swoop in. Perhaps he could try and kiss her with a line like “rate this then”, seemed to work well with Maura. These two would be good together for the fact that they’re both slightly annoying, they’ll definitely have that in common.

Jordan & Amber

Man like Jordan doesn’t really care who he couples up with, as long as they’ve got a big booty. Luckily enough Anna fits the bill for him at present, but Amber would also ‘tick those boxes’. I think Jordan would also be able to take on Amber a lot more easily than Michael does as well.

Both hailing from cities, Jordan and Amber certainly have very similar personalities. They’d be able to fire straight hot banter back and forth to one another at 100 miles per hour. A match made in heaven.

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Molly-Mae & Maura

Operation triple M is a go. Although a slightly controversial choice, we already know Maura has been interested in the fairer sex in the past. Molly-Mae and Maura do definitely get on in the villa so it wouldn’t be an awkward relationship.

However, at this point Molly-Mae is far too loved up with Tyson Fury’s smaller and less successful half brother. If we catch Tommy’s eyes starting to wander again though, this pairing could be history. Triple M here we come.

Danny & Arabella

Oh dear. It appears we agree with the islanders on this one. This must really be an ultimate coupling then, we can hear the wedding bells already. These two models make an absolutely beautiful couple, could you imagine the children?!

Clearly sharing a lot in common with each other, we’re excited to see how this relationship progresses, especially seeing as Danny full on pied Yewande to get a chance with Arabella. Let’s just hope she’s not playing games with him.

Who would you put together in the Love Island villa if you had the chance? Do you agree with all couplings/predictions? Let us know in the comments below.


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