The best Hulu Original shows from the US and where you can watch them on UK TV

The Hulu app on TV and mobile devices in the US. Credit - Hulu.

By Matt Lovett | 28 Jul 2019 at 4:50pm

Movies and TV shows play a big role in all our lives, and there’s a good bet that, if you have a television, there is at least one show you watch on a regular basis. This is why companies like Hulu have taken off so much in recent years in the UK. Hulu is an American-based movie and TV subscription service that allows members to stream their favourite shows and films.

This is one of a long line of popular streaming services to have risen to prominence in recent years. A couple of the other big names in the industry include Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which, unlike Hulu, are available in the UK. So, you want to figure out the top Hulu shows that you would like to watch, and try to find which UK-based services are available to watch them on. Here are some of the top Hulu originals, and where you can watch them in the UK.

Handmaids tale tv show image
The Handmaid’s Tale, A Hulu Original

The Handmaid’s Tale

Bruce Miller’s adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s 1985 Booker Prize-nominated dystopian novel is a sobering watch. But it’s also one of the best things on TV/online right now. Indeed, the web television series was ordered and streamed by Hulu back in 2016, but UK viewers needn’t despair! Indeed, there are plenty of choices to watch Offred and the other handmaids, such as through Channel 4, with the option to catch up on missed episodes on the on-demand service All 4. The show is also available to download via Sky Box Sets.

Is The Act coming to UK TV?
The Act, Credit: Hulu

The Act

Gripping new Hulu crime drama is an adaptation of the real-life murder of Dee Dee Blanchard. This is one of the best new shows to air on Hulu, but, as we know, viewers cannot use Hulu in the UK, so you’re going to have to find somewhere else to watch The Act. One of the best choices for UK viewers is to check it out by subscribing to STARZPLAY via Amazon Prime Video to start your binge, STARZPLAY offer a 7 day free trial if you subscribe via Prime Video.

Castle Rock uk
Castle Rock, A Hulu Original – Copyright STARZPLAY

Castle Rock

Everyone’s talking about Castle Rock, the Hulu adaptation of Stephen King’s work. This is a brilliantly eerie and psychologically taxing show and one that simply must be seen. But how on Earth are UK viewers actually supposed to see the show we can’t stop talking about?! Again, you’re looking at STARZPLAY (via Prime Video, Virgin Media or Apple TV – these are currently the only ways to subscribe) if you want to get your Stephen King fix. Alternatively, you could wait for the DVD, but why would you want to do that?!

There are plenty of excellent Hulu shows that you need to check out, but these three are definitely up there with the best. And why should you be denied the glorious narrative wonder of these shows simply because you live in the UK? Well, this is the beauty of new upcoming services like STARZPLAY. Signing up to STARZPLAY allows you to access 2 of the above shows, and you can use the free trial to save yourself some money in the process!

Whilst the best Hulu original shows make it over to the UK, all of them don’t and usually it means delays compared to the US, we still hold out hope that Hulu will come to the UK! There were rumours a while ago but there hasn’t been any recent news on Hulu launching in the UK.


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