Absentia Season 2: Trailer and Air Date Revealed

Absentia - Season 2 - Episode 201 (c) Amazon Studios

By Matt Lovett | 15 Mar 2019 at 11:41am

Amazon’s dark and thrilling drama Absentia is possibly the most harrowing Prime Original ever created. Starring Stana Katic (Castle) as Emily Bryne, an FBI agent gone missing without a trace. She was declared dead after hunting down an infamous Boston serial killer.

Miraculously, she was found six years later; barely still alive and with no memory of any prior events. After returning home she finds her husband remarried and her son being raised by the new wife. Emily must fight to regain her old life, but what’s more she’s implicated in a string of fresh murders.

Absentia season 1 was first shown in September, 2017. Now it’s back for more. Absentia season 2 is set to reopen old wounds. Emily is struggling to cope with the mental trauma which accompanied her six year disappearance. Attempting to rebuild the relationship with her son, she can’t shake the horrors of her past.

She’s also desperate to find out what actually happened in that six year period, as her memory still fails her. Turning to the Boston Police Department, she enlists the help of Tommy Gibbs (Angel Bonanni of Condor). Working in a secretive relationship, she tries everything to uncover the truth of her her past – but things inevitably turn ugly.


Joining the cast for Absentia season 2 include Matthew Le Nevez and Natasha Little (The Night Manager). Le Nevez plays an ex-Navy Seal and Little a chilly and threatening FBI agent. The second season will be hitting our screens shortly. An official air date of June 14th, 2019 has been given by Amazon Prime Video.

Absentia season 2 also has a brand new trailer detailing what we’re likely to expect. It looks to take on some very similar themes to the first iteration; with dark, brooding lighting and suspenseful interactions. You can check it out in all it’s glory below. Let us know if you’re excited about this series coming back.


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