Netflix’s Cryptic Black Mirror: Don’t Look Now Trailer

Black Mirror Bandersnatch (c) Netflix

By Matt Lovett | 18 Feb 2019 at 4:45pm

In the past, Netflix has been far from shy when it comes up with ways to market its shows. They’ve also been incredibly innovate of late – creating a whole host of viral memes in order to promote titles like Bird Box and the Fyre Festival Documentary. Their latest effort focuses on something called Black Mirror: Don’t Look Now.

One of their biggest (and most talked about) shows in recent years has been Charlie Brooker’s excellent Black Mirror. Starting off from a lowly beginning for a fairly niche set of viewers on Channel 4. The series has since become a massive blockbuster and eclipsed all of Brooker’s other work. It’s success ultimately led to the cancellation of one of our favourite shows – Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe.

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Digressions aside, we’re here to talk about the strange release of news from Netflix relating to the next episode/season of Black Mirror. It’s safe to say the show has taken some experimental routes of late. The last release, Bandersnatch, featured the inclusion of a “choose your own path” decision system, granting viewers the chance to influence the outcome of their story. It was met with mixed reception but definitely pushed some boundaries.


It looks like Brooker is set to keep on pushing those boundaries with his new installment, known currently as Black Mirror: Don’t Look Now. With some very interesting info gleaned from Gizmodo, we’ve also got a release date for the next episode – 19th August, 2019.

That’s not it either, there’s also a very strange YouTube video that’s been posted on an account name ‘Colin Ritman’. Any of you sleuths out there will have realised that this is the name of Will Poulter’s character in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

UPDATE: The trailer has since been taken down at the request of Netflix. If the trailer comes back online we will update this article.

The trailer itself doesn’t reveal much new material, in fact it’s more just a collection of clips from previous episodes. It does, however, get us excited about the prospect of Black Mirror: Don’t Look Now, whatever that turns out to be!


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