New C4 Show: The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes


By Matt Lovett | 24 Sep 2018 at 2:10pm

The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes: What is it?

Channel 4 have commissioned a brand new, unscripted, five-part series with an aim to shed light on the current Dementia crisis. Entitled ‘The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes’, the new show will be produced by Red Arrow-owned CPL Productions (A League of Their Own).

Inspired by a real-life pop-up Japanese restaurant in Tokyo, the entirety of the staff will be made up of peopled suffering from the condition. This new groundbreaking series is supported by The Alzheimer’s Society, with the goal of opening the eyes of policy makers and employers alike.

The timing of the programme is all the more pertinent with the recent release from Altzheimer’s Research UK that Dementia became the biggest killer in Britain in 2017. Overtaking heart disease, the striking results will surely force a view change regarding Dementia, specifically destigmatisation.

A host of celebrity guests, along with members of the public, will dine at the restaurant over a five week period. We’ll follow the journey of the newly trained staff in this notoriously high pressure environment. Overseeing the whole thing will be a panel of experts, with the aim of changing how businesses recruit, employ and retain staff.


The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes: Positive outlook towards Dementia

Ed Harvard, Channel 4’s Head of Entertainment, has said in a press release about the upcoming project,

“Stand Up To Cancer has grown into a hugely successful Channel 4 brand that shines a light on the millions in this country battling cancer, and the ambition with The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes is no different – to challenge and change attitudes to dementia through an original and innovative series.”

Channel 4’s Head of Features and Formats, Sarah Lazenby, added,

“A dementia diagnosis doesn’t, and shouldn’t mean the end of a career. This poignant and timely project aims to open the eyes of employers to the importance of keeping those who live with dementia in work by boosting their confidence and independence.”

Not only will The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes share some similarities with Stand Up To Cancer, we also expect it to feature formats that have previously worked well for Channel 4, including First Dates and The Undateables. The feel good series will hopefully shed light on Dementia and help us progress towards a cure with more funding. All admirable in our book.


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