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By Mason Mallett | 3 May 2019 at 4:34pm

The month of May, where we get scorching heatwaves instantly followed by downpours of rain. While the weather can’t be predictable, TV series can! Sunshine or rain, we have some great TV series coming out in May for you to get hooked on.


In this article we will only be looking at brand new TV shows that are starting from season 1, not new seasons of TV shows that are coming out this month.

The shows listed are conveniently in chronological order, so you can quickly locate what series are coming out at what time of month, just scroll further down to get to shows coming out later in May!


Dead To Me

Dead to me netflix series

Dead To Me is a black-comedy Netflix Original series, which follows a powerful friendship blossom, from the most unlikely pair – a tightly wound widow and a free spirit with a shocking secret.

Channel: Netflix.
Air date: Friday 3rd May 2019.



flinch netflix game show

If you are into funny game-shows, which involve pain then this one is definitely for you. Flinch is a new Netflix game-show, which puts contestants in grueling situations with only one rule – no flinching. If the contestant flinches then they will receive an instant painful and nasty consequence.

Some of the games involve animals, electricity, paintballs and mouse traps. The winner of the game show will be the person who has flinched the least throughout the rounds.

Channel: Netflix.
Air date: Friday 3rd May 2019.

The Spanish Princess

The Spanish Princess TV Show Image

This is a STARZ PLAY original series, which we can’t wait for. The Spanish Princess stars Game of Thrones actress Charlotte Hope, which continues the story of the hit series The White Queen and The White Princess. This time the series will focus on Catherine of Aragon, who has been promised the English throne, until her husband suddenly dies. Now her eyes are set on Prince Henry, to whom she longs to marry to achieve her goals.

Channel: STARZ PLAY.
Air date: Sunday 5th May 2019.


Chernobyl TV Show Image
Liam Daniel Sky and HBO

One of the biggest man-made catastrophic events the world has seen, now dramatized Chernobyl takes a look at the events, which lead up to the horrific event, along with the men and women, who made big sacrifices to save Europe. If you are interested in a series based on true stories, then definitely give this a watch!

Channel: Sky Atlantic.
Air date: The series starts Tuesday 7th May.

The Society

The Society

If you like teen, mystery drama, then feast your eyes on this. The Society follows a group of teenagers, who are mysteriously transported to a copy of their wealthy town, but there is no trace of their parents. Together they must work out what has happened and how they can get back home.

The series is a modern twist of the popular novel “The Lord of the Flies” (Available on Amazon).

Channel: Netflix.
Air date: Friday 10th May 2019.

Mary Kills People

Mary Kills People TV Show Image

A Canadian comedy-thriller is coming to UK screens. Mary Kills People is exactly what the name suggests. Mary is an ER doctor and single mother by day, but by night she and her partner operate as the underground angels of death, helping terminally ill patients pass away on their own terms.

Channel: Tuesday 14th May 2019.
Air date: More 4.

Years & Years

Years and Years TV Show Image

BBC drama Years & Years follows busy Manchester family, the Lyons. Daniel’s getting married to Ralph, Stephen and Celeste worry about their kids, Rosie’s chasing a new fella and Edith hasn’t been home for years. Presiding over them all is Gran, the imperial Muriel. However their lives are changed on one crucial night in 2019, in which the story accelerates into the future, following the lives and loves of the Lyons over the next 15 years.

Channel: BBC One.
Air date: Tuesday 14th May.

The Virtues

The Virtues Image TV Show Image

The Virtues is a higly anticipated series coming out in May. The new drama follows the life of Joesph, a borderline alcoholic, who is hit with a reality check when his ex-girlfriend moves to Australia with his son. The series takes a look at the conflict of sin and virtue with aspects of revenge and redemption.

Channel: Channel 4.
Air date: Wednesday 15th May 2019.


Sliced TV Show Image

New comedy Sliced follows two best mates, who are both pizza delivery drivers, that have big dreams of moving out of their mums house, getting the girls they want and making some decent money. The life they dream of is not as easy as to reach when they find themselves getting caught up in some of the most ridiculous situations. This looks set to be a brilliant new comedy from Dave and one we think you should definitely give a chance.

Channel: Dave.
Air date: Wednesday 15th May 2019.

Gentleman Jack

gentleman jack tv show

Probably the best period drama to come out this month! Gentleman Jack is a BBC and HBO production, which follows the life of Anne Lister, who returns home from travelling and vows to transform the fate of her ancestral home. Fractured relationships between family members, servants and staff will be a key focus of the series.

Channel: BBC One.
Air date: Sunday 19th May 2019.


WHAT/IF TV Show Image

What/If is a new neo-noir anthology thriller series, which follows a pair of cash-strapped newlyweds, who accept a lucrative, but morally dubious offer from a mysterious female benefactor.

Channel: Netflix
Air date: Friday 24th May 2019.

When They See Us

When They See Us TV Show Image

Based on a true story that gripped the country, When They See Us chronicles the notorious case of five teenagers of colour, labeled the Central Park Five, who were convicted of a rape they did not commit.

From 1981 when Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana and Korey Wise were first convicted to 2014 where they were exonerated, the series explores the 25 years of the struggle, humuliation and agony the teenagers faced.

Channel: Netflix.
Air date: Friday 31st May.

Good Omens

good omens Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime

With a star-studded cast, Good Omens is the most anticipated Amazon Prime series of the month (if not this year?). Based on the novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, the story follows an angel and a demon. An unlikely pair, who must join forces to save a common interest – Planet Earth.

Channel: Amazon Prime.
Air date: Friday 31st May 2019.

There are so many good series coming out this month, but which ones are you most excited for? Discuss them in the comments below.


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