TV Shows Like Manifest to Watch in the UK

By Mason Mallett | 9 Oct 2018 at 4:46pm

Manifest is the new and popular series every American is watching right now. Currently it is not available in the UK, but while we wait for an update on the UK release here are some TV shows like Manifest which are available to watch in the UK.

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Manifest follows a group of passengers on a plane on a seemingly normal flight, however when they land it becomes apparent that five years have passed and the plane they were on was presumed missing. Keeping the theme of mystery and a crazy plot, here’s a list of TV shows like Manifest.


Lost TV Show ImageLost is series from 2004 that is similar to Manifest. Lost follows survivors of a commercial as they are forced to work together on a seemingly deserted tropical island in the south Pacific. The island becomes more unusual and provides mysteries which will rattle your brain silly.

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Glitch is an Australian TV show available on Netflix in the UK, it has a similar mystery value like Manifest as the story is about seven people who rise from the dead with normal health, but no memory of who they are and how they have come back. Police officer James Hayes works to solve what the hell is going on.

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Flash Forward

Flashforward is another TV show like Manifest. It follows a mysterious event where the worlds entire human population blacks out for short period of time. In this time frame the population is given a glimpse of their personal future, will what they find out haunt them? Can they avoid the destiny they saw?

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Dark TV show image
Dark is set in the fictional German town of Winden, where the disappearance of two children sets four families on a search for answers. Looking for answers a cave is found underneath a nuclear power plant, but what lies in the cave and is it linked with the disappearances?

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The OA

The OA follows Prairie Johnson, an adopted blind woman who went missing for seven years until she unexpectedly returns home with her eye sight restored. Upon her return Prairie calls herself “The OA” and refuses to tell her adoptive parents or the FBI where she has been.

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The Crossing

The Crossing is a Sci-Fi series where refugees from a war-torn country start showing up seeking asylum in an American town, only these refugees are from 250 years into the future and claim mutants are exterminating humanity.

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To find more Mystery TV shows like manifest that will blow your mind, check out our Mystery genre page.

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