TV Shows to Binge-Watch

Looking for a TV show to binge-watch? You have come to the right place! We list TV shows to binge-watch instantly on UK TV streaming services. All the shows listed below have ended but have multiple seasons for you to binge your way through.


Game Of Thrones TV show image

Game of Thrones

8 Seasons
Game of Thrones on Amazon Prime Video Game of Thrones on NOW TV Game of Thrones on iTunes Game of Thrones on Rakuten TV
Orange Is the New Black TV Show Image

Orange Is the New Black

7 Seasons
Orange Is the New Black on Netflix Orange Is the New Black on Amazon Prime Video Orange Is the New Black on iTunes
Vikings TV show image


6 Seasons
Vikings on Amazon Prime Video Vikings on iTunes
Poldark TV show image


5 Seasons
Poldark on Netflix Poldark on Amazon Prime Video Poldark on iTunes
Gotham TV show image


5 Seasons
Gotham on Netflix Gotham on Amazon Prime Video Gotham on iTunes
Suits TV show image


9 Seasons
Suits on Netflix Suits on Amazon Prime Video Suits on iTunes Suits on Rakuten TV
Power TV show image


6 Seasons
Power on Netflix Power on Amazon Prime Video Power on iTunes
The Good Place TV show image

The Good Place

4 Seasons
The Good Place on Netflix
Jessica Jones TV show image

Jessica Jones

3 Seasons
Jessica Jones on Netflix Jessica Jones on Amazon Prime Video Jessica Jones on iTunes
True Blue TV show image

True Blood

7 Seasons
True Blood on Amazon Prime Video True Blood on iTunes True Blood on Rakuten TV