TV Shows to Binge-Watch

Looking for a TV show to binge-watch? You have come to the right place! We list TV shows to binge-watch instantly on UK TV streaming services. All the shows listed below have ended but have multiple seasons for you to binge your way through.

True Blood

7 Seasons
True Blood on Amazon Prime Video True Blood on iTunes True Blood on Rakuten TV

Breaking Bad

5 Seasons
Breaking Bad on Netflix Breaking Bad on Amazon Prime Video Breaking Bad on iTunes Breaking Bad on Rakuten TV

The Strain

4 Seasons
The Strain on Amazon Prime Video The Strain on NOW TV The Strain on iTunes The Strain on Rakuten TV

Pretty Little Liars

7 Seasons
Pretty Little Liars on Netflix Pretty Little Liars on Amazon Prime Video Pretty Little Liars on iTunes Pretty Little Liars on Rakuten TV

The Originals

5 Seasons
The Originals on Netflix The Originals on Amazon Prime Video The Originals on iTunes

The Vampire Diaries

8 Seasons
The Vampire Diaries on Netflix The Vampire Diaries on Amazon Prime Video The Vampire Diaries on iTunes


6 Seasons
Lost on Amazon Prime Video Lost on NOW TV Lost on iTunes

Shades Of Blue

3 Seasons
Shades Of Blue on Amazon Prime Video Shades Of Blue on NOW TV


6 Seasons
Nashville on NOW TV Nashville on iTunes

The Good Wife

7 Seasons
The Good Wife on Amazon Prime Video The Good Wife on iTunes